1. NAME. The name of the Association shall be the BILTON COMMUNITY CENTRE, (hereinafter called ‘The Centre’).
  2. OBJECTS. The Objects of the Centre shall be to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Bilton, Harrogate and the neighbourhood, hereinafter called the area of benefit, without distinction of sex, or of political, religious or other opinions, to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and entertainment.
  3. USE. The Centre shall be available for hire as detailed in the current booking conditions. Use of the Centre shall be open to all persons living in the area of benefit, and all such shall be entitled to use all the facilities of The Centre during the hours as stated by the committee.
  4. COMMITTEE. The management of the affairs of the Centre shall be directed by a committee, which shall ideally meet monthly and not less than four times a year. The committee shall ideally consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and a minimum of three others. The committee shall appoint auditors, control the management of the Centre and make such purchases as it deems necessary for carrying out the objects of the Centre, and to maintain the buildings and grounds at 48, Bilton Lane, Harrogate, HG1 3DU, from funds provided for that purpose and/or from the general funds of the Centre.
  5. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Once in each year the committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of the Centre. Regular users of the Centre shall be entitled to attend, for the purpose of receiving the annual report of the committee, the annual audited statement of accounts, appointing the honorary officers of the Centre, electing representatives to serve on the committee, making recommendations to the committee and, where necessary, of voting on proposals to amend this constitution. Only those being regular users of the Centre are eligible to vote.
  6. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING. The Chairman or the Secretary of the committee may at any time at their digression and within 21 days of receiving a written request to do so, signed by not less than twenty regular users having the power to vote and given reason for the request, call a Special General Meeting of the Centre, for the purpose of altering the constitution or of considering any matter which may be referred to them by the committee or for any other purpose.

    VOTING. Subject to the provision of clause 6, all questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote thereat. No one shall exercise more than one vote, but in the case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

    QUORUM. One half of the committee members shall form a quorum of the committee. Fifteen regular users shall form a quorum at Annual or Special General Meetings of the Centre.

    MINUTES. Minutes (handwritten or electronic) shall be kept by the Centre, the committee and all other committees and the appropriate secretary shall enter therein a record of all proceedings and resolutions.

  8. STANDING ORDERS/RULES. The committee shall have the power to adopt and issue Standing Orders and/or Rules for the use of the Centre. These rules and standing orders shall come into operation immediately, provided always that they shall be subject to review by regular users at the Annual General Meeting, and shall not be inconsistent with the provision of this committee.
  9. TRUST PROPERTY. The title of all and any real property which shall be acquired by or for the purposes of the Centre, shall be vested in Trustees who shall be appointed by the Centre and who shall enter into a Deed of Trust, setting forth the purposes and conditions under which they hold the said property in trust for the Centre. The number of trustees shall not be less than three, and not more than six.
  10. DISSOLUTION. If the committee, by a simple majority, decides at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Centre it shall call a meeting of all regular users of the Centre who have the power to vote, and of the inhabitants of the area of benefit of which meeting not less than 21 days notice, stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed thereat, shall be posted in a conspicuous place or places in the area of benefit, and give in writing to the appropriate Secretary of State. If such a decision shall be confirmed by a simple majority of those present voting at such a meeting, the trustees shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Centre. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any property debts and liabilities, shall be applied towards charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants, as the committee may decide and as may be approved by the Secretary of State.

N.B. For the purposes of this document ‘Regular User’ is defined as someone using the Centre for a minimum of 8 times per year.